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Technology and innovation change the grain storage and handling industry each year. We design and build complete grain storage projects which offer solutions to meet these challenges. Good design is crucial to the quality and strength of commercial storage tanks and buildings. SMA has the expertise, diverse product lines, and experience that will provide you value well beyond the purchase.

Slip Form

Slip FormSlip form concrete construction is a continuous pour for vertical concrete structures. It offers larger potential storage capacity for silos with a 50’ diameter or less. Custom shapes, square or irregular configurations, or clusters of multiple silos are advantages of slip form construction. This technology results in a smoother, more uniform surface with no cold joints. SMA has long specialized in this type of construction.

Jump Form

S M Associates Jump FormThe jump form method of construction can be used for pouring bulk storage silos up to 65’ diameter. Existing structures can also be repaired by installing a jump formed interior liner. SMA offers several options for bulk storage and reclaim systems which provide proven performance and reliability. It is often more economical to build a new silo to fit the needs of a new bottom reclaim system. The jump form system is well suited for storage and reclaim of product such as DDG, soybean meal, grain, wood waste, sawdust, flyash, oat hulls, etc.

Steel Bins

S M Associates Steel BinsSMA offers externally stiffened commercial silos, commercial hoppers, bulk feed tanks, and a complete line of farm bins. Within your system we offer many specialized options as well: hopper bottom bins, aeration and grain drying systems, complete ladder systems, roof stairways, catwalks and support towers, walk-in doors, side discharge systems. A complete line of material handling and conditioning equipment can be incorporated to complete any system.

Shuttle Loading Facilities

S M Associates - Shuttle LoadingSMA understands the constant demand of the industry to load more product in faster periods of times. We construct facilities that can get your product weighed, graded, and ready for its destination in 6-12 hours. The many specialized design options we offer include: Up to 3 truck receiving pits operating at 10,000-25,000 BPH, gravity spouts to storage bins, and gravity reclaim spouting to the shipping leg. There are many different types and sizes of storage options available to adjoin your facility.

Pile Storage

S M Associates Pile StorageTemporary grain storage facilities are a cost effective solution that must be considered when permanent storage facilities are filled. The most economical solution for short term storage is to pile grain to keep up with the harvest rush, then reclaim before grain spoils or when more time permits. We can provide unloading from either a permanent structure or a remote site at a rate of 20,000-40,000 bushels per hour. Aeration is important in a temporary storage facility to help maintain the quality of grain and protect against losses. Covers are also available to help protect your investment from the elements. We currently offer two systems that range from 1.5 million bushel to 3 million bushel capacity.

Flat Grain Storage

S M Associates Flat Grain StorageFlat storage buildings are fast becoming a necessary addition to grain handling facilities. SMA has recognized this need and will provide you with a grain storage building that is worry-free and engineered to fit your facility requirements. These buildings can be customized to any length and width, with a storage capacity up to 6 million bushels. Various options can be designed into these buildings: up to 60,000 BPH fill system, below reclaim system, roof ventilation, end wall ventilation, and flush floor or above grade aeration systems. The latest techniques and quality products will be incorporated to provide fast construction, flexibility of plans, grain handling equipment, and future expansion possibilities.

Feed Mills

S M Associates Feed MillsSMA has the capability of handling new feed mill construction as well as offering many renovation options for existing plants. We can often double the production capabilities of existing plants through renovation. For both new and existing mills SMA can provide production up to 1,200 ton per day with options of: pelleting, automation bagging, bulk load out, warehouse space, and office space. SMA has the experience of having worked with many simple batch feed mills (chickens, turkeys, swine) as well as very complex batch feed mills (dairy, beef, specialties, premix).

Fertilizer Projects

S M Associates Fertilizer ProjectsSMA understands that fertilizer handling and storage is a crucial part of agriculture. Whether handling product by rail or truck or specialized fertilizer handling equipment, SMA has the designs to meet your needs. Storage buildings can be built anywhere from 5,000 tons to 50,000 tons. Receiving and fill systems can be sized up to 1,600 TPH. Reclaims can range from 200 – 500 TPH systems. Specialized blending and wholesale systems can be sized from 150 to 300 Tons.


Additional Services Available:

  • Consultation /Planning
  • Engineering Services
  • Site Development
  • Grain Elevators
  • Plant Renovations

  • Bulk Materials Storage
  • Temporary Storage / Covers
  • Grain Handling Facilities
  • Conveying Systems
  • Millwright Services

  • Grain Dryers
  • Bulk Weigh Scales
  • Dust Control Systems
  • Grain Cleaners
  • Repair Services


SMA Safety Policy

SMA has always regarded the employee as one of their most important assets.  The company will, at all times, and at every level of management, attempt to provide and maintain a safe working environment for all employees.

SMA has developed and implemented a Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program (AWAIR) as part of the health and safety program in an effort to prevent accidents, eliminate work injuries, improve operations, and reduce personal and financial losses.

SMA will abide by all regulations as they pertain to our “Industry” which is set forth by the Federal, State, and local standards and by the “Good Proactive” as dictated by locations and circumstances.



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