About Us

Our History

Original co-owners Mike and Stan Brey grew up in the small Southern Minnesota farming community of Lucan. The years they spent working on the farm there evolved into what would become a lifelong career in the agricultural industry for the two brothers.


They founded SMA in 1975. The first job for the new company was a 50K bushel steel workhouse for Zip Feed in Huron, SD, a building that still stands today. In the mid-1980’s, railway systems began to offer elevators shipping ratio incentives. This created a need to move larger volumes of product in a much shorter period of time. SMA met the demand by beginning to build train shuttle loading facilities.

In 2013, Dan Jenniges, who had been a project manager took over as owner from Stan and Mike, but they remained active in the business.

Today the loading facilities, have progressed to loop tracks which load 110-120 cars in a 6-10 hour period. To allow facilities enough product on site for the train loading systems, SMA now offers up to 6 million bushel ground piling systems, steel bins with up to 2 million bushel capacity and flat storage buildings which can hold up to 6 million bushels. Slipform construction offers longevity, flexibility, and durability to a facility. This method is more versatile than steel alone, but they work well together.

As they have since the beginning, SMA continues to meet the challenges of a constantly changing industry.