Agriculture Millwright – Entry Level

Job Summary:

Responsible for supporting construction labor on projects of all types.  This position will help others with whatever tasks needed.  This is an entry level position that requires individuals to want to learn the skill sets required to move up to other levels of employment at SMA.


·         Participation in all safety aspects of the job including job hazards analysis, weekly meetings, OSHA 1926, OSHA 1910, safety committee

·         Be prepared and ready to work

·         Painting

·         Grinding, drilling, cutting, working with hand tools

·         Pick up and discard construction debris

·         Support millwrights during equipment assembly

·         Learn and work with others

·         Think ahead during process of construction

·         Be respectful of others and always help in whatever is needed

·         As required / requested, be prepared to carry out other duties and responsibilities

·         Be prepared to assist other company personnel as required / requested

·         Work Hours:

Required Skills:

·         Ability to climb ladders

·         Ability to handle tools

·         Ability to navigate across rough terrain in difficult weather conditions

·         Ability to work in all types of weather

·         Ability to handle personal wellbeing and work safely

·         Basic knowledge of mechanics and construction

·         Ability to read, write, fill out forms and follow work plans as required

Education and Experience:

·         HS diploma or GED

·         1 year manual labor experience


·         $20/hr – $25/hr

·         Up to $80 per diem

·         SMA has a competitive benefits package.